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    The proper control of an attached biomass process depends much on the information that can be obtained about the biofilm itself. This is performed by a variety of monitoring systems which indicate biofilms location, extent, composition, nature and other parameters. In biotechnology (e.g., biofilm reactors for water and wastewater treatment) such information helps to stabilize and optimize processes and to early detect unfavourable conditions. In anti-fouling and antibiocorrosion strategies, monitoring systems provide early warning which saves remedy efforts and allow for an efficient control of cleaning procedures as well as for an optimization of mitigation methodologies.

    In this conference, for the first time the current state-of-the-art in biofilm monitoring is presented and critically discussed. This includes new systems operating on-line, in real time, in situ and non-destructively, as well as new off-line tests and analytical tools. Case studies describing monitoring techniques in industry, drinking water systems and health are also welcome. 

    The conference addresses practitioners, engineers, chemists and biologists and is an excellent opportunity to disseminate advanced methodologies for the understanding of biofilms and biofilm technologies.


Secretariat / Contact Information

Chairman of the Organizing Committee


Prof. Luís de Melo


Fátima Faustino

Elisa Duarte

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical Engineering Department

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias 4200-465 Porto


tel: +351 22 5081687                   fax: +351 22 5081449



    All accepted extended abstracts prepared in WS&T format, will be printed as Conference Proceedings and distributed among the participants. After the conference presentations, the Programme Committee will select a number of papers to be published in Water Science and Technology.

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