Clara Fuciños


  • 2012: Tesis de Doctorado en Ciencia y Tecnología Agroalimentaria por la Universidad de Vigo, Universidad de Vigo

  • 2013 - 2016: Nanotubes of alpha-Lactalbumin

Publicações Recentes

One-step chromatographic method to purify α-lactalbumin from whey for nanotube synthesis purposes
  • Food Chemistry, 275, 480-488, 2019
Creating functional nanostructures: Encapsulation of caffeine into α-lactalbumin nanotubes
  • Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 40, 10-17, 2017
  • Fuciños, Clara; Amado, Isabel R.; Fuciños, Pablo; Fajardo, Paula; Rúa, María L.; Pastrana, Lorenzo M.
Evaluation of antimicrobial effectiveness of pimaricin-loaded thermosensitive nanohydrogel coating on Arzúa-Ulloa DOP cheeses
  • Food Control, 73(Part B), 1095-1104, 2017
Design of whey protein nanostructures for incorporation and release of nutraceutical compounds in food
  • Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 52(7), 1377-1393, 2017
Pediocin SA-1: A selective bacteriocin for controlling Listeria monocytogenes in maize silages
  • Journal of Dairy Science, 99(10), 8070-8080, 2016
Functional characterisation and antimicrobial efficiency assessment of smart nanohydrogels containing natamycin incorporated into polysaccharide-based films
  • Food and Bioprocess Technology, 8(7), 1430-1441, 2015
  • Fuciños, Clara; Fuciños, Pablo; Fajardo, Paula; Amado, Isabel R.; Pastrana, Lorenzo M.; Rúa, María L.
Evaluation of antimicrobial effectiveness of pimaricin-loaded thermosensitive nanohydrogels in grape juice
  • Food and Bioprocess Technology, 8(7), 1583-1592, 2015
  • Fuciños, C.; Fuciños, Pablo; Pastrana, Lorenzo M.; Rúa, María L.
Functional characterization of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) nanohydrogels for the controlled release of food preservatives
  • Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7(12), 3429-3441, 2014
Development of active and nanotechnology-based smart edible packaging systems: physical-chemical characterization
  • Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7(5), 1472-1482, 2014
  • Fuciños, C.; Guerra, N.P.; Teijón, J.M.; Pastrana, L.M.; Rúa, M.L.; Katime, I.
Use of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) nanohydrogels for the controlled release of pimaricin in active packaging
  • Journal of Food Science, 77(7), N21-N28, 2012
  • Amado, I.R.; Fuciños, C.; Fajardo, P.; Guerra, N.P.; Pastrana, L.
Evaluation of two bacteriocin-producing probiotic lactic acid bacteria as inoculants for controlling Listeria monocytogenes in grass and maize silages
  • Animal Feed Science and Technology, 175(3-4), 137-149, 2012
  • Fajardo, P.; Pastrana, L.; Méndez, J.; Rodríguez, I.; Fuciños, C.; Guerra, N.P.
Effects of feeding of two potentially probiotic preparations from lactic acid bacteria on the performance and faecal microflora of broiler chickens
  • TheScientificWorldJournal, 2012(562635), 2012
  • Guerra, N.P.; Pernas, M.; Pastrana, L.; Torrado, A.; Míguez, M.; Fuciños, C.; Estévez, N.; Sobrosa, C.; González, R.; Fuciños, P.; Luisa Rúa, M.
Modelling the enzymatic activity of two lipases isoenzymes commonly used in the food industry
  • CyTA-Journal of Food, 9(4), 307-313, 2011
Intramuscular fatty acid composition of "Galician Mountain" foals breed. Effect of sex, slaughtered age and livestock production system
  • Meat Science, 86(3), 825-831, 2010
  • Guerra, N.P.; Fajardo, P.; Fuciños, C.; Amado, I.R.; Alonso, E.; Torrado, A.; Pastrana, L.
Modelling the biphasic growth and product formation by Enterococcus faecium CECT 410 in realkalized fed-batch fermentations in whey
  • Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, 2010(290286), 2010
Evaluation of a chitosan-based edible film as carrier of natamycin to improve the storability of Saloio cheese
  • Journal of Food Engineering, 101(4), 349-356, 2010
Performance and intestinal coliform counts in weaned piglets fed a probiotic culture (Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei CECT 4043) or an antibiotic
  • Journal of Food Protection, 71(9), 1797-1805, 2008
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