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Ambiente, Saúde e Segurança

Título Autor
Biohazards Management Handbook Liberman, D.F.; Gordon, J.G.
CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety (4th ed.) Furr, A. Keith
Definitions Conversions and Calculations for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Finucane, Eduard W.
Enviromental and Health Impact Turnbull, R.G.H. (ed.)
Environmental Carcinogens Methods of Analysis and Exposure Measurement - volume 12: Indoor Air Seifert, B.; Van de Wiel, H.J.; Dodet, D.; O`Neill, I.K.
Environmental, Health, and Safety Auditing Handbook (2nd ed.) Harrison, Lee
Environmental, Health, and Safety Auditing Handbook (Supplement) Harrison, Lee
Handbook of Environmental, Health and Safety Data for Common Hazardous Substances, vol 1: A-G GENIUM's
Handbook of Environmental, Health and Safety Data for Common Hazardous Substances, vol 2: H-Z GENIUM's
Handbook of Environmental, Health and Safety Data for Common Hazardous Substances, vol 3: Index GENIUM's
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk of the Chemicals to Man - volume 8: Some Aromatic Azo Compounds International Agency for Research on Cancer
Manual de Higiene e Segurança do Trabalho (10ª edição) Alberto Sérgio S. R. Miguel
Manual de Higiene e Segurança do Trabalho (10ª edição) Alberto Sérgio S. R. Miguel
Microbiological Risk Assessment: an Interim Report Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens
Occupational Health Harrington; Gill; Aw; Gardiner
Occupational Health in Aviation Ribak,J.; Rayman, R.B.; Froom, P. (eds.)
Quality, Safety, and Environment Dennis, Pascal
Riscos dos Agentes Biológicos - Manual de Prevenção Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Inspecção das Condições de Trabalho
Serviços de Prevenção das empresas - Livro Verde IDICT - Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Inspecção das Condições de Trabalho
The Foundations of Laboratory Safety Rayburn, Stephen R.
Whose Standards? Consumer and Professional Standards in Health Care Williamson, Charlotte


Título Autor
Advances in Biological Treatment of Lignocellulosic Materials Coughlan; Collaço
An Introduction to Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry Hanson, J.R.
Biochemistry of Antimicrobial Action Franklin; Snow
Biochemistry of Microbial Degradation Ratledge, C.
Bioconversion of Waste Materials to Industrial Products Martin
Biodegradation of Nitroaromatic Compounds Spain, Jim
Biodegradation: Natural and Synthetic Materials Betts, W.B.
Biodeterioration 6 CAB Int. Mycological Institute
Biodeterioration 7 Houghton, Smith, Eggins
Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 8 Rossmoore
Biological Degradation and Bioremediation of Toxic Chemicals Chaudhry
Biological Degradation of Wastes Martin, A.M.
Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents Hinchee; Leeson; Semprini
Cellulosics Utilization Inagaki; Phillips
Chemistry and Technology of Biodegradable Polymers Griffin, G.L.
Ecological Assessment of Polymers Hamilton; Sutcliffe
Enzyme Systems for Lignocellulose Degradation Coughlan, M.P. (F)
Handbook on Biodegradation and Biological Treatment of Hazardoous Organic van Agteren, Martin H.; Keuning, Sytze; Janssen, Dick B.
Microbial Degradation of Natural Products Winkelmann, Günther (F)
Microbial Degradation of Organic Compounds Gibson, D.T. (ed.)
Microbial Degradation of Xenobiotics and Recalcitrant Compounds Leisinger, T.; Cook, A.M.; Hutter, R.; Nuesch, J.
Microbially Influenced Corrosion of Materials Heitz; Flemming; Sand
Microbicides for the Protection of Materials Paulus, Wilfried
Opportunities in Biotransformations Copping; Martin; Pickett; Bucke, et al.
Physiology of Biodegradative Microorganisms Ratledge, C.
Wood - Decay, pests and protection Eaton; Hale


Título Autor
Adhesion of Microorganisms to Surfaces Ellwood, D.C.; Melling, J.; Rutter, P.
Adsorption of Microorganisms to Surfaces Bitton, G.; Marshall, K.C.
Apparent and microscopic contact angles Drelich, J.; Laskowski, J.S.; Mittal, K.L.
Bacterial Adhesion to Cells and Tissues Ofek, I.; Doyle, R.J.
Bacterial Adhesion to Host Tissues: Mechanisms and Consequences Wilson, M.
Bacterial biofilms Tony Romeo
Biofilms - Science and Technology Melo, L.F.; Bott, T.R.; Fletcher, M.; Bernardo, C.A.
Biofilms II : Process Analysis and Applications Bryers, J.D.
Biofilms, Bioadhesion, Corrosion and Biofouling (Recent Advances in Marine Biotechnology - Vol 3) Fingerman, M; Nagabhushanam; Thompson, Mary-Frances
Cell Adhesion. Fundamentals and Biotechnological Applications Hjortso, M.A., Roos, J.W. (Eds.)
Fundamentals of biofilm research Lewandowski, Z.; Beyenal, H.
Handbook of Bacterial Adhesion: Principles, Methods and Applications An, Yuehuei H.; Friedman, Richard J.
Handbook of Biocide and Preservative Use Rossmoore
Measuring Cell Adhesion Curtis, Lackie
Medical Biofilms - Detection, Prevention and Control Jass, J.; Surman, S.; Walker, J.
Methods in Enzymology - Volume 253: Adhesion of Microbial Pathogens Doyle, Ron J.; Ofek, Itzhak
Microbial Adhesion and Aggregation Marshall, K.C. (ed.)
Microbial Biofilms Ghannoum, M.; O'Toole G. A.
Microbial Biofilms: Formation and Control Denyer, Gorman, Sussman
Microbial cell surface analysis Mozes; Handley; Busscher; Rouxhet
Microbial Cell Surface Hydrophobicity Doyle; Rosenberg
Microbial cell Surface Hydrophobicity Doyle, Rosenberg
Microbial Extracellular Polymeric Substances Wingender, J., Neu, T.R., Fleming, H.-C.
Microbicides for the Protection of Materials Paulus, Wilfried
Oral Biofilms and Plaque Control Busscher, H.J.; Evans, L.V.
Structure and Function of Biofilms Characklis, William G.; Wilderer, P.A.
Studying Cell Adhesion Bongrand, Claesson, Curtis


Título Autor
2-D Proteome Analysis Protocols Link, Andrew J.
A Laboratory Guide to Glycoconjugate Analysis Jackson; Gallagher
Biochimie Structurale Audigié; Zonszain F.
Carbohidrases from Trichoderma reesei and other microorganisms: structures, biochemistry, genetics and applications Claeyssens, M., Nerinckx, W., Piens, K.
Carbohydrate Chemystry (Vol.28) Ferrier, Blattner, et al.
Carbohydrates in Chemistry and Biology - Part II: Biology of Saccharides - Vol. 3 Ernst, B., Hart, G.W., Sinaÿ, P.
Carbohydrates in Chemistry and Biology - Part II: Biology of Saccharides - Vol. 4 Ernst, B., Hart, G.W., Sinaÿ, P.
Carbohydrates in Chemistry and Biology, Part I: Chemistry of Saccharides, Vol. 1: Chemical Synthesis of Glycosides and Glycomimetics Ernst,B., Hart, G.W., Sinaÿ, P.
Carbohydrates in Chemistry and Biology, Part I: Chemistry of Saccharides, Vol. 2: Enzymatic Synthesis of Glycosides and Carbohydrate-Receptor Interactions Ernst,B.; Hart, G.W., Sinaÿ,P.
Carrier-bound immobilized enzymes Linqiu Cao
Comprehensive Biological Catalysis (volume I ) Sinnott; Michael
Comprehensive Biological Catalysis (volume I I ) Sinnott; Michael
Comprehensive Biological Catalysis (volume I V ) Sinnott; Michael
Comprehensive Biological Catalysis (volume III ) Sinnott; Michael
Enzyme Dynamics and Regulation Chock, P.B.; Huang, C.Y.; Tsou, C.L.; Wang, J.H. (eds.)
Enzyme Kinetics Cornish-Bowden, Athel; Wharton, Christopher W.
Enzyme Kinetics-Behavior and Analysis of Rapid Equilibrium and Steady-State Enzyme Systems Irwin H. Segel
Enzyme Technology Gacesa, P.; Hubble, J.
Enzyme Technology (Applied Biochemistry and Bioengineering Vol. 2) Wingard Jr., L.B.; Katchalski-Katzir, E.; Goldstein, L.
Enzymes as Catalysts in Organic Synthesis Schneider, M.P.
Enzymes in Industry and Medicine Bickerstaff, G.F.
Enzymes in Industry: Production and Applications Gerhartz, W.
Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry Robyt, John F.
Essentials of Glycobiology Varki, Ajit; Cummings, Richard; et al.
Glycoimmunology 2 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - vol. 435) Axford, John S.
Glyco-Sciences Status and Perspectives Gabius, Hans-Joachhim; Gabius, Sigrun
Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Proteins Kreis; Vale
Handbook of Detection of Enzymes on Electrophoretic Gels Manchenko; Gennady
Immobilized Biocatalysts - An Introduction Hartmeier, W.
Industrial Enzymology Godfrey, West
Industrial Proteomics - Applications for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Figeys, Daniel
Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry (3rd ed.) Harbone, J.B.
Introduction to proteomics : tools for the new biology Liebler, Daniel C.
Lecture Notes on Biochemistry Candlish, J.K.
Nomenclatura dos Compostos Orgânicos Campos; Mourato, Miguel
Organic Synthesis: The Science Behind the Art Smit, Bochkov, Caple
Pharmaceutical Enzimes Lauwers, Albert; Scharpé, Simon
Principles of Biochemistry Lehninger; Nelson; Cox
Principles of Proteomics Twyman, R. M.
Protein Interactions Visser, Hans
Protein Purification - and Practice (2nd ed.) Scopes, R.K.
Protein Purification - Design and Scale up of Downstream Processing Wheelwright, S.M.
Proteins and Proteomics - A Laboratory Manual Simpson, Richard J.
Stabilizing Protein Function Fágáin, C.O.
Techniques of Lipidology - Isolation, Analysis and Identification of Lipids Kates, Morris
The Proteomics Protocols Handbook Walker, John M.
Understanding Enzymes ( 3rd edition) Palmer, T.

Biossistemas e Bioinformática

Título Autor
Advances in Bioinformatics - 4th International Workshop on Practical Applications of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2010 Rocha, M.P.; Riverola, F.F.; Shatkay, H.; Corchado, J.M.
An introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms Jones, N.C.; Pevzner, P.A.
Analysis of biological networks Junker, B.H.; Schreiber, F.
Bioinformatics - A practical guide to the analysis of genes and proteins Baxevanis, A.D.; Ouellette, B.F.F.
Bioinformatics - From genomes to therapies; Vol. 1: Molecular sequences and structures Thomas Lengauer
Bioinformatics - From genomes to therapies; Vol. 2: Molecular interactions Thomas Lengauer
Bioinformatics - From genomes to therapies; Vol. 3: Molecular function Thomas Lengauer
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor Gentleman, R., Carey, V.J., Huber, W., Irizarry, R. A., Dudoit, S.
Biomolecular Networks Chen, L.; Wang, R.; Zhang, X.
Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems Voit, Eberhard O.
Computational Modeling of Genetic and Biochemical Networks Bower, J. M.; Bolouri, H.
Computational Systems Biology Kriete, Andres; Eils, Roland
Control Theory and Systems Biology Iglesias, P.A.; Ingalls, B.P.
Elements of computational systems biology Lodhi, H.M.; Muggleton, S.H.
Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology Gustavo Caetano-Anollés
Experimental Design for Combinatorial and High Throughput Materials Development Cawse, J.N.
Foundations of Systems Biology Kitano, Hiroaki
Foundations of systems biology Nagasaki, M.; Saito, A.; Doi, A.; Matsuno, H.; Miyano, S.
Gene regulation and metabolism Collado-Vides & Hofestäd
Genomic Signal Processing Shmulevich, I.; Dougherty, E.R.
Handbook of Statistical Systems Biology Michael P. H. Stumpf; David J. Balding; Mark Girolami
Introduction to bioinformatics Anna Tramontano
Introduction to bioinformatics Arthur M. Lesk
Introduction to systems biology Sangdun Choi
Methods in Enzymology-Volume 498-Synthetic Biology, Part B-Computer Aided Design and DNA Assembly Christopher Voigt
Na introduction to systems biology - Design principles of biological circuits Uri Alon
Pathway analysis and optimization in metabolic engineering Torres, N. V.; Voit, E. O.
Principles of computational cell biology Helms, Volkhard
Stochastic modelling for systems biology Darren J. Wilkinson
System modeling in cellular biology Szallasi, Z.; Stelling, J.; Periwal, V.
Systems Bioinformatics - An engineering case-based approach Alterovitz, G.; Ramoni, M. F.
Systems Biology Al-Rubeai, M.; Fussenegger, M.
Systems Biology - Definitions and Perspectives Alberghina, L.; Westerhoff, H. V.
Systems biology - Principles, methods, and concepts Andrzej K. Konopka
Systems Biology - Properties of Reconstructed Networks Palsson, B. O.
Systems biology and bioinformatics - A computational approach Najarian, K.; Eichelberger, C. N.; Najarian, S.; Gharibzadeh, S.
Systems biology and biotechnology of Escherichia coli Sang Yup Lee
Systems biology and synthetic biology Fu, P.; Panke, S.
Systems biology and Synthetic biology Pengcheng Fu; Sven Panke
Systems Biology in Practice Klipp, E.; Herwig, R.; Kowald, A.; Wierling, C.; Leharch, H.
Systems Biology Vol.I: Genomics Rigoutsos, I.; Stephanopoulos, G.
Systems Biology Vol.II: Networks, Models, and applications Rigoutsos, I.; Stephanopoulos, G.
Systems Biology-Simulation of Dynamic Network States Bernhard O Palsson
Understanding bioinformatics Zvelebil, M.; Baum, J.O.


Título Autor
A Revolution in Biotechnology Marx, Jean L.
Affinity Chromatography Pharmacia LKB Biotechnology
Algae and their Biotechnological Potential Chen, F.; Jiang, Y.
An introduction to molecular biotechnology : molecular fundamentals, methods and applications in modern biotechnology Wink, Michael
Basic and Applied High Pressure Biology Bennett, P.B.; Marquis, R.E.
Basic Biotechnology Bu'lock, J.; Kristiansen, B.
Biology of Industrial Microorganisms Demain, A.L.; Solomon, N.A.
Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Walsh, Gary
Biorefineries - Industrial processes and products. Status quo and future directions, volume 1 Kamm, B.; Gruber, P. R.; Kamm, M.
Biorefineries - Industrial processes and products. Status quo and future directions, volume 2 Kamm, B.; Gruber, P. R.; Kamm, M.
Biotechnology - A Laboratory Course Becker, J.M.; Caldwell, G.A.; Zachgo, E.A.
Biotechnology - Principles and Applications Higgins, J.; Best, D.J.; Jones, J.
Biotechnology - The Biological Principles Trevan, M.D.; Boffey, S.; Goulding, K.H.
Biotechnology for Engineers - Biological Systems in Technological Processes Scragg, Alan
Biotechnology From A to Z Bains, W.
Biotechnology in Pulp and Paper Manufacture - Applications and Fundamental Investigations Kirk, T.K.
Biotechonology: DNA to Protein - A Laboratory Project in Molecular Biology Thiel, Teresa; Bissen, Shirley; Lyons, Eilene M.
Biotecnologia Fundamentos e Aplicações Lima, Nelson; Mota, Manuel
Biotecnologia Vegetal - da clonagem de plantas à transformação genética Canhoto, J.M.
Development of Novel Antimicrobial Agents: Emerging Strategies Lohner, Karl
Gene Expression in Recombinant Microorganisms Smith, Alan
High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology Hayashi; Balny
Industrial Biotechnology - Sustainable growth and economic success Soetaert, W.; Vandamme, E.J.
Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Klefenz, Heinrich
Ion Exchange Chromatography - Principles and Methods Pharmacia Fine Chemicals
Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (2nd ed.) Demain, A.L.; Davies, J.E.
Mechanisms in transcriptional regulation Albert J. Courey
Microbial Bionanotechnology Bernd H. A. Rehm
Microbial Biotechnology Glazer; Nikaido
Microbial Enzymes and Biotechnology (2nd ed.) Fogarty, W.M.; Kelly, C.T.
Modeling the Metabolic and Physiologic Activities of Microorganisms Hurst, C.J.
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Walker, J.M.; Gingold, E.B.
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Meyers; Robert
Molecular Biotechnology Maulik, Patel
Molecular Biotechnology - Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA Glick; Pasternak, Jack J.
Molecular Biotechnology - Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA Glick, B.R.; Pasternakm J.J.
Multiphase Bioreactor Design Cabral, Joaquim M.S.; Mota, Manuel; Tramper, Johannes
Non-Conventional Yeasts in Genetics, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Wolf, K.; Breunig, K.; Barth, G.
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Zito, S. William
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of biotech drugs : principles and case studies in drug development Meibohm, Bernd
Principles of Biotechnology Wiseman, A.
Production of Recombinant Proteins Gellissen, Gerd
Protein Engineering in Industrial Biotechnology Alberghina, Lilia
Purification and Analysis of Recombinant Proteins Seetharam, Ramnath; Sharma, Satish K.
Recombinant Protein Production with Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Merten, O.W.
Screening - Methods for experimentation in industry, drug discovery, and genetics Dean, A.; Lewis, S.
The Bioeconomy to 2030 OECD
The metabolic pathway engineering handbook - Fundamentals Christina D. Smolke
The metabolic pathway engineering handbook - Tools and applications Christina D. Smolke
Yeast Physiology and Biotechnology Walker, Graeme M.

Carrilho Legacy

Título Autor
Prácticas recomendadas para la prevención de las micotoxinas en los alimentos, nos piensos y sus productos (P) Estudio FAO: Alimentacion y Nutrition
100 Traitements survitaminés pour se passer de medicaments (P) Pasteur, Jean-Louis
A Água (A) Comissão de Coordenação da Região Norte
A colheita mecânica da azeitona (C) Cidraes, Fausto Gonçalves
A comunicação não-verbal (E) Esperança, Eduardo Jorge
A conservação da batata (A) Amaral, J. Duarte
A cultura da alfarrobeira (L) Loução, Maria A.M., Brito de Carvalho,J.H.
A Indústria dos refrigerantes: análise sectorial (P) Ministério da Indústria Energia e Exportação-Direcção Geral das Indústrias Transformadoras Ligeiras
A Moderna Exploração Agrícola (M) FAO/Série Melhor Agricultura
A poda em fruticultura: noções práticas (M) Menezes, Armando
A poluição atmosférica (C) Chovin, Paul e Roussi, André
A propos de la présence de plomb dans les conserves de sardines (C) Cheftel,H. et Panouse-Pigeaud, M.-L.-Pigeaud
A reciclagem do vidro (C) Centro de Embalagem do Vidro
A utilização do frio alimentar (R) Reis, Francisco Magro dos
Abastecimentos, Manutenções-Transportes (A) Rieu, Jean; Schaller, Jean e outros
abc...DEL FRIO (A) Instituto Nacional del Consumo
Acide Sorbique: conservation des aliments par un produit de leur famille (A) Hoechst
Acidente de origem bacteriana na fabricação de tomate pelado (S) INII-Stocker, Maria Zita; Ribeiro, A.M.R. ; Melo, R.
Ácido sórbico - um produto conservante (A) Química Hoechstag
Actualités Scientifique et techniques en industries agro-alimentaires nº 29 - Contribution à l'étude et au dosage des aflotoxines dans les denrées alimentaires (B) APRIA
Actualités scientifiques et techiques en industries agro-alimentaires - nº 27: Moyens de prevention et de destuction des aflatoxines (cas de graines d'arachide et de leurs dérivés) (B) APRIA - Blanc, M.
Actualites scientifiques et techniques en industries agro-alimentaires - nº 24 : Méthodes utilisées en différenciation et classification des levures (B) APRIA
Actualités Scientifiques et techniques en industries agro-alimentares: Utilisation des Lactoserums en Alimentation humaine et animale - nº 21 (B) Apria
Additifs & Auxiliaires de fabricacion dans les Industries Agro-Alimentaires (A) Multon, J.L.
Additifs Alimentaires: souvent, superflus, parfois bienvenus (A) Georg Ed.
Adhésion des micro-organismes aux surfaces: biofilms, nettoyage, dérsinfection (A) Bellon-Fontaine, Marie-Noëlle
Agenda del quimico (B) Blas, Luis
Agriculture d'anjourd'hui: L'oenologie (N) Navarre, Colette
Agriculture et environnement (S) 66ème Seminaire Europeen
Agriscope recyclage et valorisation des déchets en agriculture Y.Crozat, D. Desjeux, P. Menjon
Agro Industriais - Catalogo de Technologia Intermedia (A) Oficina Regional Pampeana - Rosário Argentina
Agroalimentaire: comment grantir la qualité (S) Soroeste, Alain
Agro-Alimentaire: une économie de la qualité (A) Nicolas, François; Valceschini, Egizio
Agua y Salud Humana (M) McJunkin, F. Eugene
Ahumado de pescados (R) Rehbrom, Edmund Rtkowski
Aide-Mémoire de Contrôle Qualité (J) Jauras, Marcel
Aislamento Termico Industrial (G) Gasquet, R.
Alguns Aspectos Documentais da Agricultura Portuguesa (P) Ministério da Agricultura , Comércio e Pescas
Alguns Aspectos Documentais da Agricultura Portuguesa (P) Nations Unies
Alimentação Racional e Nutrição (P) Centro de Estudos de Nutrição
Alimentação Racional e Nutrição (P) Centro de Estudos e Nutrição
Alimentação Saudável (P) Peres, Emílio
Alimentación Humana (G) Rollan, M. Garcia
Alimentation (A) Van Peer, Monique
Alimentation et Psychologie Fondation Française pour la Nutrition
Alimentos y Nutricion: Bromatologia aplicada a la salud (S) Salinas, Rolando
Aliments, Alimentation et Santé: Questions/Réponses (A) Groupe de recherche en éducation nutritionnelle (GREEN)
Amino acides peptides,protéines: extraction, syinthèse e caractères - Cahier nº 1 (V) Vigneron, Maurice
Analisis de los alimentos-metodos analiticos y de control de calidad (L) Lees,R
Análisis químico agrario (L) Lotti, G. y Galoppini, C.
Análisis Químico cualitativo (C) Curtman. Luis J.
Análisis Químico de Alimentos de Pearson (E) Egan, Harold, Kirk, Ronald S., Sawyer, Ronald
Analyse critique des méthodes de recherche, de dénombrement et d'identification des micro-organismes dans les I.A.A. (A) APRIA
Anilisis de Proyectos Agroindustriales (A) Austin, James E.
Animal by-products: processing and utilization (M) Mann, I.
Annales de la Nutrition et de l'Alimentation Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Annales du Colloque: Cuisine d'assemblage? (C) APRIA
Annales du Symposium International - La gestion de la qualité des produits alimentaires (S) APRIA
Annales Journée Européene: Les Produits de la 4e. Gamme (A) APRIA
Antioxidants in food in 80 nations (B) Jan dekker bv
Applications Frigorifiques-tome 2: Entreposage, Isolation, le froid dans les transports (C) Collin, Daniel
Apports Nutritionnels Conseillés pour la population française (C) Dupin, H., Abrham, J., Giachetti, I.
Apports nutritionnels consellés pour la population française (C) Dupin, Henri
Aprovechamiento industrial de los productos agricolas (R) Rafols, Wifredo de
Aprovechamiento integral de subproductos de matadero (V) Madrid, Antonio
Arados de discos (A) Manuales para educacion agropecuaria
Arados de rejas (A) Manuales para educación agropecuaria
Aromes Alimentaires- developpements recents (V) APRIA
Aromes Alimentaires: Developpements recents (V) APRIA - Vernin, Gaston; Vernin, Geneviève
Arroz (P) Manuales para educación agropecuaria
Arroz (P) Pereira, Paula Manuela
Aspectos do Consumo de Bebidas Alcoólicas em Portugal (C) Cascão, Isabel
Aspects Nutritionnels des constituants des aliments. Influences des Technologies Les Cahiers de Ens.Bana - Bernard, André et Carlier, Hélène
Aspects techiques de l'Expertise des Conserves (C) Cheftel, Henri
Assises de la restauration 85 -La restauration collective avec portage à domicile: Personnes du troisième âge et malades; -Plats préparés à l'avance: Technologie moderne (A) Apria
Automatisme des systemes frigorifiques (G) Gac, André
Bactériologie (B) Singleton, P. Et Sainsbury,D.
Barèmes de stérilisation des conserves alimentaires en boites métalliques (I) Institut National de la Conserve
Bases Neurophysiologiques de l'Evaluation Sensorielle des produits alimentaires (revista) Les Caheirs de l'Ens.Bana-Leod, Patrick Mac, Sauvageot, François
Bases Tecniques de la Production Porcine (V) Vanderhaegen, Jean et Zert, Pierre
Bebidas Gaseosas y Jarades (R) Rollín, E.
Beet-Sugar Technology (B) McGinnis, R.A.
Beginner's Guide to Hydroponics: Soiless gardening (D) Douglas, James Sholto
Biblioteca Rural: A Educação nos meios rurais (M) Ferreira de Mira
Biblioteca Rural: Armazenagem e Conservação de cereais e farinhas (B)-(M) Belo, Pedro
Biblioteca Rural: Higiéne Rural (M) Ferreira de Mira
Biblioteca Rural: O Trabalho e a Alimentação (M) Ferreira de Mira
Biblioteca Rural: O Trabalho e a Alimentação (M) Ferreira de Mira
Biblioteca Rural: Problemas da Vida Rural (M) Quartin Graça
Biblioteca Rural: Uva de Mesa (V) Vaz, Trancoso
Bieres & Coolers: définition, fabrication , composition (B) Moll, M
Biologia Molecular y Biotecnologia (B) Walker, J.M., Gingold, E.B.
Biologia-Curso de orientation universitaria (B) Morales, E., Fernandez, M., Cañeque, J., Fonfria, J., Velasco, J.L.
Biologie des Lipides chez l'Homme (D) Douste-Blazy, L.
Biologie des Lipides chez l'homme (D) Douste-Blazy. L.; Mendy, F.
Biomethane 1. Une alternative credible (L) Lagrange, Bernard
Biomethane: 2. Principes-techniques utilisations (L) Lagrange, Bernard
Biotechnologie (B) Scriban, Renè
Biotechnologies-Moisissures utiles et nuisibles-importance industrielle (M) Botton, B.; Breton,A.; Fevre,M.
Biotecnologia - perspectivas internacionais (B) Bull, Alan T.; Holt, Geoffrey; Lilly, Malcolm D.
Biotecnologia de la Fermentacion (W) Ward, Owen P.
Biotecnologia: Corrosão Microbiológica - Vol. 4 (V) Videla, Hèctor A.
Biotecnologia: Engenharia Bioquímica - Vol. 3 (T) Borzani,Walter, Lima, Urgel de Almeida, Aquarone, Eugênio
Biotecnologia: Tecnologia das Fermentações (T) Lima, Urgel de Almeida; Aquarone, Eugênio; Borzani, Walter
Biotecnologia: Tópicos de Microbiologia Industrial - volume 2 (T) Aquarone, Eugênio, Borzani,Walter, Lima, Urgel de Almeida
Biotransformation des produits céréaliers (B) Godon, B.
Boletim - Ano 21 Junta Nacional das Frutas
Boletim - Ano XIX Junta Nacional das Frutas
Boletim Ano 19 Junta Nacional de Frutas
Botânica Agrícola (V) Carvalho e Vasconcellos, João
Botulismo: el microrganismo, sus toxinas, la enfermedad (S) Smith, Louis DS.
CAC/VOL. V - Ed. 1 Codex alimentarius, volumen V - Normas del codex para el pescado y los productos pesqueros Programa conjunto FAO/OMS sobre normas alimentarias - Comision del codex alimentarius
Cadernos : Glossário de Termos Comerciais Direcção Geral do Comércio Interno
Cadernos 1: Estações Fruteiras (E) Junta Nacional de Frutas
Cahier des charges de l'"Agriculture Biologique" (C) Nature et Progrès
Cahiers Documentaires - Le Polyéthylène dans L'Emballage IFEC
Calcul Thermique des chaudières (N) Nuber, Frederich et Karl
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Formulario practico enciclopedico para caramelos (B) Montagut, Juan Borrel
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Identification of Organic Compounds (S) Shriner and Fuson
II Colóquio Nacional sobre a Produção de Batata (C) Associação Portuguese de Horticultura
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Impuretés et souillures d'origine animale dans les denrées végétales pulvérulentes (L) APRIA - de Luca, Y.
Indústria de Chocolates (P) Ministério da Indústria Energia e Exportação
Industria de la carne: salazones y chacineria (A) Visier, Antonio Amo
Industrialización de la grasa de animales de abasto (D) Dahl, Olle
Industrializacion y commercializacion de bovinos en las plantas frigorificas (L) Lacerca, Alberto M.
Industrias de Conservas vegetales (S) Soroa y Pineda, José Mª de
Industrias de la Alimentacion (R) Rodriguez, M.E.
Indústrias rurais (C) Instituto Campineiro de Ensino Agrícola
Industrias transformadoras de frutas y hortalizas (S) Soroa y Pineda, José Mª de
Industrie alimentaire et developpement rural (C) APRIA - association pour la promotion industrie agriculture
Ingenieria Bioquimica (W) Webb, F.C.
Initiation à la Microbiologie (M) Marchal, N.
Inmunologia (I) Larraga, V., Fresno, M., Enjuanes, L.
Innovation et restauration - Colloque organizé pour l'Apria (C) Apria
Inspection des Viandes et des Aliments d'origine carnée (P) Piettre, Maurice
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Installations Frigorifiques - Tome 2 (R) Rapin, P.J.
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Ionisation des produits alimentaires (I) Vasseur, J.P.
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Je mange donc je maigris! (M) Montignac, Michel
Je mange sain mais je mange bien (K) Kermel, Marie, Salavert, Marir-Hèlène
Je veux savoir ce que je mange (G) Guassel, Alain; Grinberg, Jeannine
Jornadas sobre Innovacion Tecnologia en la Industria Agroalimentaria Conselleria D'Agricultura i Pesca
Journée d'étude sur fractionnement des glycérides (J) Institut des Corps Gras
Journée d'Étude sur les constituants des Corps Gras (J) Institut du Corp Gras
Journée d'Etudes - Le genie industriel alimentaire: des aspects theoriques a la rentabilité de l'entreprise (J) APRIA
Journée d'études - l'evaluation sensorielle des denrées alimentaires (J) APRIA - association pour la promotion industrie agriculture
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Les nouveaux procédés mécanisés et continus dans l'industrie alimentaire: tome III - Malterie et Brasserie (A) APRIA
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Lições de Química (C) Carvalho, Rómulo de
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Microbiologia - Volume II (P) Pelczar/Reid/Chan
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Título Autor
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Engenharia Biomédica

Título Autor
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Antisepsis, disinfection, and sterilization Gerald E. McDonnell
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Engenharia Bioquímica

Título Autor
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Engenharia Celular e de Tecidos

Título Autor
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Engenharia das Reacções

Título Autor
An Introduction to Chemisoption and Catalysis by Metals Gasser, R.P.H.
Catálise Heterogénea (desaparecido) Figueiredo, J.L.; Ramôa Ribeiro, F.
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Engenharia de Processo

Título Autor
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Engenharia Sanitária

Título Autor
20 Anos 1977-1997 APRH
A Guide to the Ecomic Removal of Metals from Aqueous Solutions Yogesh C. Sharma
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Administrações da região hidrográfica - definição do modelo estratégico-operacional MAOTDR
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Adsorption Design for Wastewater Treatment Cooney, David O.
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Aesthetic Water Quality Problems in Distribution Systems WRC
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Anaerobic Sewage Treatment van Haandel, Adrianus C.; Lettinga, Gatze
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Automated Process Control Strategies Water Environment Federation
Benchmarking Wastwater Treatment Plant Operations Water Environment Federation
Biological and Chemical Systems for Nutrient Removal Water Environment Federation
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Drinking Water Quality Gray
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Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (vol. II) Water Environment Federation
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Relato do 5º Fórum Mundial da Água Ministério do Ambiente, do Ordenamento do Território e do Dsenvolvimento Regional
Screening Equipment Handbook Pankratz, T.M.
Secondary Settling Tanks: Theory, Modelling Design and Operation Ekama, G.A.; Barnard, J.L.; et all.
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Tratamento de água para consumo humano e uso industrial Brito, A.G.; Oliveira, J.M.; Peixoto, J.M.
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Unit Processes - Primary Sedimentation Institute of Water Pollution Control, The
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Water Treatment Specification Manual Rosa, F.
Watewater Treatment with Microbial Films Iwai, Shigehisa; Kitao,Takane


Título Autor
Aspects Practiques du Collage des Moûts et des Vins Brugirard, A.
Aspects Pratiques de la Filtration des Vins Gautier
Aspects Pratiques des Traitements Thermiques des Vins Brugirard, Rochard
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Catálogo das Castas - Região Demarcada do Douro Ministério da Agricultura
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Catálogo das Castas - Região do Alentejo Ministério da Agricultura
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Fenómenos de Transferência

Título Autor
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Título Autor
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Gestão Ambiental

Título Autor
A Systems Approach to the Environmental Analysis of Pollution Minimization Jorgensen, Sven E.
Analytical tools for environmental design and management in a systems perspective Wrisberg, N.; Udo de Haes, H.A.
Analytical tools for environmental design and management in a systems perspective Wrisberg, N.; de Haes, H.A.U.
Anuário do Ambiente 1997 Associação Industrial Portuense
Auditing the ISO 19011 Way Carter, Nigel
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 1: Resíduos Industriais AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 2: Água AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 3: Energia AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 4: Certificação Ambiental AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 5: Auditorias Ambientais AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 6: Ecomarketing AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 7: Licenciamento Industrial AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 8: Ar AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Cadernos de Ambiente, nº 9: Ruído AIP - Associação Industrial Portuense
Colecção Ambiente, Legislação Jurisprudência - Licenciamento Industrial RMV & Associados - Sociedade de Advogados
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Eco-Innovation in Industry OECD
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Guide de L'évaluation ISO 14001 (desaparecido) AFAQ
Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing British Standard
Handbook on life cycle assessment - Operational guide to the ISSO standards Guinée, J.B.
Industrial ecology and sustainable engineering Graedel, T.E.; Allenby, B.R.
Introdução à Gestão Ambiental - A Avaliação do Ciclo de Vida de Produtos Ferrão, Paulo Cadete
Introdução à Gestão Ambiental - A Avaliação do Ciclo de Vida de Produtos (CD) Ferrão, Paulo Cadete
Inventário Nacional de Resíduos Industriais - CD-ROM Universidade do Minho
Inventário Nacional de Resíduos Industriais. Vol. I- Levantamento de informação de base- Trabalho de campo. Universidade do Minho
Inventário Nacional de Resíduos Industriais. Vol.II - Indicadores de produção de resíduos Universidade do Minho
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ISO 14001 Certification: Environmental Management Systems Kuhre, W. Lee
ISO 14010s Environmental Auditing Kuhre
Manual Prático para a Gestão Ambiental Abrantes, I.; Saraiva, S.
Manual prático para a gestão de resíduos Cunha, Fernando Mayordomo
Marketing Ambiental Caetano, J.; Soares, M.; Dias, R.; Joaquim, R.; Gouveia, T.R.
Materials matter Kenneth Geiser
O Ambiente no Novo Milénio Forum Ambiente
Quantified Eco-Efficiency Huppes, G.; Ishikawa, M.
Quem é Quem no Ambiente 2001 Agua & Ambiente
Quem é quem no ambiente 2004 Água e Ambiente
Quem é quem no ambiente 2005 Água e Ambiente
Quem é quem no ambiente 2007 Água & Ambiente
Sistemas de gestão ambiental - Guia para sua implementação Pinto, Abel
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The Hitch Hiker's Guide to LCA Baumann, H.; Tillman, A.
The Sustainable Business Challenge Willums, Jan-Olaf

Imagem e Microscopia

Título Autor
Binary Digital Image Processing: a Discrete Approach Marchand-Maillet, S.; Sharaiha, Y.M.
Bioimaging - Current concepts in light and electron microscopy Chandler, D.E.; Roberson, R.W.
Biomedical Electron Microscopy Maunsbach, Arvid B.; Afzelius, Bjorn A.
Digital Image Analysis of Microbes - Imaging, Morphometry, Flurometry and Motility Techniques and Applications Wilkinson, M.H.F.; Schut, F.
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Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications Pitas, I.
Digital Image Processing: Concepts, Algorithms, and Scientific Applications Jahne, B.
Digital Imaging of biological type specimens Häuser; Steiner; Holstein; Scoble
Electron Microscopy Bozzola; Russell
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Handbook of Image and Video Processing Bovic
Image Analysis for the Biological Sciences Glasbey, C.A.; Horgan, G.W.
Image Analysis: Methods and Applications Häder, Donat-P.
Immunocytochemistry Beesley, J.E.
In Situ Hybridisation: Application to Developmental Biology and Medicine Harris, N.; Wilkinson, D.G.
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Magical Display, the Art of Photomicrography Davidson, Michael W.
Microscopic image analysis for life science applications Rittscher, J.; Machiraju, R.; Wong, S. T. C.
Multivariate Image Analysis Geladi; Grahn
Photography Through The Microscope Delly
Process Imaging for Automatic Control Scott, David M.; McCann, Hugh
Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy Rost, F.W.D.
Soft computing in image processing Nachtegael, M.; Van der Weken, D.; Kerre, E. E.; Philips, W.
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Video Microscopy Sluder; Wolf, David E.


Título Autor
Building biotechnology Friedman, Yali
Crossing the chasm Moore, Geoffrey A.
Design-Inspired Innovation Utterback, Vedin, Alvarez, Ekman, Sanderson, Tether, Verganti
From Alchemy to IPO Robbins-Roth, Cynthia
Innovation and entrepreneurship in biotechnology, an international perspective Hine, D.; Kapeleris, J.
Making Innovation Work Davila; Epstein; Shelton
Managing Innovation John E. Ettlie
Marketing - Concepts and strategies Dibb, Simkin, Pride, Ferrell
Portuguese Biotechnolog : life above all APBio
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The art & science of technology transfer Speser, Phyllis L.
The art of Innovation Tom Kelley
The business of healthcare innovation Burns, Lawton Robert
The innovator's dilemma Christensen, Clayton M.
Valuation and pricing of Technology-Based Intellectual Property Richard Razgaitis
Venture Capital Cardis, J.; Kirschener, S.; Richelson, S.; Kirschener, J.; Richelson, H.

Métodos Instrumentais de Análise

Título Autor
Analysis of Carbohydrates by GLC and MS Biermann, C.J.
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High Performance Liquid Chromatography Lindsay, S.
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Instrumental Analysis in the Biological Sciences Gordon, M.H.; MacRae, R.
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Proteome Research: Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis and Identification Methods Rabilloud, T.
Statistics and Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry Miller, James N.; Miller, Jane C.
Técnicas e Operaçöes Unitárias em Química Laboratorial Pombeiro, Armando J. Latourrette O.
Thin Layer Chromatography Hamilton, R.; Hamilton, S.
UV-Visible spectrophotometry of water and wastewater Thomas, O.; Burgess, C.
VOGEL Análise Inorgânica Quantitativa Basset, J.; Denney, R.C.; Jeffery, G.H.; Mendham, J.

Micologia - Engloba Ramos

Título Autor

Microbiologia Alimentar

Título Autor
Bacteriophages in the control of food- and waterborne pathogens Sabour, P.M.; Griffiths, M.W.
Brewing Microbiology Priest, F.G.; Campbell, I.
Case Studies in Food Microbiology for Food Safety and Quality Pawsey, Rosa K.
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Fungos Contaminantes na Industria Alimentar Santos, Isabel; Venâncio; Lima
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Microbiologie Alimentaire Bourgeois, Mescle et Zucca
Microorganisms in Foods 1 - Their Significance and Methods of Enumeration ICMSF
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Principles of Microbiology for Students of Food Technology Parry; Pawsey
The combined Sharon/Anammox Process: A sustainable method for N-removal from sludge water van Dongen, L.G.J.M., Jetten, M.S.M., van Loosdrecht, M.C.M.

Microbiologia Ambiental

Título Autor
A beginners guide to the collection, isolation, cultivation and indentification of freswater protozoa Finlay,B.J.; Rogerson,A.; Cowling,A.J.
Acetogenesis Drake, Harold L.
Activated Sludge Microbiology Richard, Michael
Advances in Microbial Ecology Jones; Gwynfryn
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Anaerobic Biotechnology for Industrial Wastewaters Speece
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Anaerobic Model no. 1 (ADM1) IWA Task group for Mathematical Modelling of Anaerobic Digestion Processes
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Biology of Wastewater Treatment Gray, N.F.
Chemicals from microalgae Cohen, Z.
Denitrification Payne, W.J.
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Developments in Water Science - 49: Modern Scientific Tools in Bioprocessing Wilderer, P.; Wuertz,S.
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FISH Handbook for Biological Wastewater Treatment Nielsen, P.H.; Daims, H.; Lemmer, H.
Guidelines for the identification of ciliates in wastewater treatment plants Serrano; Arregui; Perez-Uz; Calvo; Guinea
Guidelines for the identification of ciliates in wastewater treatment plants Serrano; Arregui; Perez-Uz; Calvo; Guinea
Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology - Vol. 1 Kenneth N. Timmis
Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology - Vol. 2 Kenneth N. Timmis
Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology - Vol. 3 Kenneth N. Timmis
Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology - Vol. 4 Kenneth N. Timmis
Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology - Vol. 5 Kenneth N. Timmis
Handbook on Anaerobic Fermentations Erickson, L.E.; Fung, D.Y.-C.
How to Know the Protozoa Jahn, T.L.; Bovee, E.C.; Jahn, F.F.
Manual of Environmental Microbiology Hurst; Knudsen; Mcinerney; Stetzenbach; Walter
Manual on the Causes and Control of Activated Sludge Bulking and Foaming Jenkins; Richard; Daigger
Manual on the Causes and Control of Activated Sludge Bulking, Foaming, and Other Solids Separation Problems Jenkins; Richard; Daigger
Manuale di applicazione -La Microfauna nell'analisi di qualitá biologica dei fanghi attivi - Indice Biotico del Fango: SBI Madoni, Paolo
Methanogenesis-Ecology, Physiology, Biochemistry & Genetics Ferry, James G.
Methods in Applied Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Alef, Nannipieri
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Microbial Ecology of Activated Sludge Seviour, R.; Nielsen, P.H.
Microbiología Ambiental Grant, W.D.; Long, P.E.
Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater Csuros, M.; Csuros, C.
Microbiology for Environmental and Public Health Engineers Sterrit, R.M.; Lester, J.N.
Microbiology of Extreme Environments Edwards, Clive
Microbiology of Solid Waste Palmisano; Barlaz
Modeling The Environmental Fate of Microorganisms Hurst, Christon J.
Nitrification and Denitrification in the activated sludge process Michael H. Gerardi
Petroleum Microbiology Bernard Ollivier; Michel Magot
Process Control of Activated Sludge Plants by Microscopic Investigation Eikelboom, Dick H.
Soil Microbiology Tate III, R.L.
Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Paul, E.A.; Clark, F.E.
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The Coliform Index and Wasterborne Disease Gleeson; Gray
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The Control of Legionellosis including legionnaires disease HSE - Health & Safety Executive
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The Microbiology of Activated Sludge Seviour, R.J.; Blackall, L.L.
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Wastewater Biology: The Microlife Water Environment Federation
Wastewater Microbiology (3ª edição) Bitton, G.
Wastewater Organisms - A Color Atlas Berk, S.G.; Gunderson, J.H.

Microbiologia e Biologia Molecular

Título Autor
Animal Cell Culture Masters, J.R.W.
Bacteria Versus Antibacterial Agents an Integrated Approach Mascaretti, Oreste A.
Bacterial Metabolism (2nd ed.) Gottschalk, Gerhard
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Basic Microbiology Volk; Brown
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Elliot, William H.; Elliot, Daphne C.
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Cell Biology - Volume 2 Celis, Julio E.
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Cell Biology - Volume 4 Celis, Julio E.
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Culture Collections to Improve the Quality of Life Samson, R.A.; Stalpers, J.A.; van der Mei, D: Stouthamer, A.H.
Essential Allergy Mygind, Niels; Dahl, Ronald; Pedersen, Soren, et all.
Five Kingdoms - An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth Margulis; Schwartz
Foundations in Microbiology Talaro; Kathleen; Arthur
Foundations in Microbiology Talaro; Talaro, Arthur
General Microbiology Stanier; Ingraham; et al.
Immunassay - A Practical Guide Law, Brian
Immunobiology - The immune system in health and disease Janeway; Travers; Walport; Shlomchik
Immunology - Fifth Edition Roitt; Brostoff; Male
In Vitro Toxicity Testing Protocols O`Hare; Atterwill
Innovative Roles of Biological Resource Centers Watanabe; Suzuki; Seki
Maintenance of Microrganisms-A Manual of Laboratory Methods Kirsop, B.E. And Snell, J.J.S.
Medical Microbiology Murray, P.R.; Rosenthal, K.S.; Pfaller, M.A.
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Methods in Microbiology, Volume 3B Norris, J.R.; Ribbons, D.W. (eds.)
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Microbial Diversity in time and Space Colwell; Simidu; Ohwada
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Microbiologia Práticas Laboratoriais Alcantara; Cunha; Almeida
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Microbiologia, Vol. 2 Canas Ferreira, Wanda F.; Sousa, João Carlos F.
Microbiologia, Vol. 3 Canas Ferreira, Wanda F.; Sousa, João Carlos F.
Microbiology Wistreich; Lechtman
Microbiology - A Human Perspective Nester; Roberts; Pearsall; Anderson; Nester
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Microbiology Dynamics & Diversity Perry; Staley
Microbiology Experiments: A Health Science Perspective Kleyn; Bicknell; Gilstrap
Microbiology: Essentials and Aplications McKane, Larry; Kandel, Judy
Microtubules Hyams; Lloyd
Molecular Biology Robert F. Weaver
Molecular Biology of the Cell Alberts, Bray, Lewis et al.
New Biology for Engineers and Computer Scientists Tözeren, A.; Byers, S. W.
Oxidative stress biomarkers and antioxidant protocols Armstrong, Donald
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Título Autor
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Poluição do Ar

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Título Autor
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Recursos e Produtos Naturais

Título Autor
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Resíduos Sólidos e Perigosos

Título Autor
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Sistemas e Informática

Título Autor
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Tecnologia Alimentar

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Bebidas Alcoólicas Waldemar Gastoni Venturini Filho