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  • AQTESOLV for Windows
    Software for the analysis of pumping tests and slug tests
  • BOSS International
    BOSS International's website has state-of-the-art software, bookstore, and other technical information for civil and environmental engineering professionals.
  • Docount
    Software to support enterprises sustainability specially in the areas of Health, Safety and Environment
  • Eco-indicator
    A tool for designers that need to quickly anaylze the environmental consequences of their design decisions. Free download of the Eco-indicator 99 Manual for Designers and the ECO-it Design for Environment software.
  • Ecopics Environmental Graphics
    Enhance documents, presentations, and web pages with a collection of environmental-theme graphics and photos
  • EMCI
    Fingerprint Environmental Software: to track materials, wastes and emissions and automates Tier Reporting, Form R Reporting, Air Emissions Reporting and Hazardous Waste Reporting
  • Entropy International
    Entropy International specialise in software, Web-applications and computer-based training for environmental and health and safety management systems
  • Enviro Dynamics, Inc.
    Training, Auditing, Incident Reporting, and Industrial Hygiene Software. Plus a whole lot more!
  • Environmental data management site
    Powerful management systems that turn data into information - easily!
  • Environmental Support Solutions
    EPA Compliance software for facility managers and environmental managers. Specific compliance software for EPA Refrigerant Compliance, Indoor Air Quality, Hazardous Waste Management.
  • EnviroSim Associates Ltd.
    EnviroSim Associates Ltd. specialize in modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment processes. Developers of BioWin, a simulator for municipal systems, and PetWin, a simulator for petrochemical systems.
  • ESP (Environmental Software Providers)
    Software solutions for integrated environmental and compliance management and for management of emissions allowance portfolios
  • GreenSuite, the Environmental Solution
    Fully integrated, Web-based EH&S software application that links Environmental Management, Industrial Hygiene and Medical information with other core business areas.
  • Groundwater Software Applications, Inc.
  • Haestad Methods
    Water Distribution Modeling, Sanitary Sewer Modeling, Storm Water Management
  • HEMMIS n.v.
    Hydro, Ecolo, Meteo, Management Information Systems
  • Hydromantis inc.
    Specialist in the development of modelling and simulation software for wastewater treatment plant optimization. GPS-X allows the engineer to develop complex models of any type of treatment plant, then simulate operational strategies or test new design ideas. The software provides dynamic and interactive simulation with the flexibility of 500+ process models included. GPS-X is used in 38 countries world wide by consultants, wastewater utilities, government agencies and universities.
  • Hydromantis, Inc.
    Water and wastewater modelling and simulation software.
  • ImageWave Corp.
    This EHS solution provides MSDS Management, Environmental Reporting (including SARA 313 and TIER II), Container Labeling, MSDS Authoring, MSDS Scanning/Updating Service and more.
  • Intelligen
    Software tools for simulation, computer-aided process design, environmental impact assessment, and project economic evaluation for the specialty chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries
  • ITALPROS SRL - watermodeling software and services
    3D mathematical modeling software for water management in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Jensen Information Technologies Inc.
    EnviroVIEWS is your window to BC's most complete electronic collection of environmental legislation and policy.
  • Lakes Environmental
    Air dispersion modelling software
  • LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd.
    Interactive calculations for designing culverts and pipes. Groundwater contaminant transport and groundwater flow direction. Flow measurement using weirs, orifices, nozzles, and venturi meters. Rainfall/runoff/peak discharge.
  • Logical
    EH&S Software
  • NewLeaf Software
    NewLeaf is used to collect and manage the data from a remote monitoring network, and to provide QA/QC functions on the incoming raw data. It provides a complete relational database to allow further manipulation of the processed data, for export to reporting functions, models, or near real-time reporting to web sites. CadhamHayes also provides consulting services for designing and building monitoring networks.
  • Operator 10 Software
    Wastewater management software
  • OPS Software
    Software for wastewater plant operations
  • Pipe2000 Network Modeling
    Current pipe network steady and transient modeling software. Over 30 years in development at the University of Kentucky by recognized hydraulic experts. Extensively used worldwide.
  • PRé Consultants
    Software for Ecodesign and Life Cycle Assessment
  • SAFER Systems, LLC.,
    Integrated Software for Chemical Risk and Emergency Management.
  • Schlumberger Water Services
    Software Development, Groundwater Modeling, Consulting & Training
  • Scientific Software Group
    Groundwater software
  • Soilvision Systems Ltd
    Knowledge-based database software for the warehousing and estimation of soil properties
  • Solutions Software
    CD-ROM Databases
  • Terralink
    Hazardous waste management software
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