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Publications - News Services, Digital journals

Publicações - Serviços de Notícias, Jornais Digitais

  • ABC World Environment News
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Água & Ambiente
    Jornal digital da Indústria do Ambiente
  • ÁguaOnline
    Revista Digital de Saneamento e Meio Ambiente (Brasil)
    CONSEQUENCES is produced as a public service to provide reliable assessments of practical concerns related to the consequences of changes in the global environment.
  • Earth Vision
    Environmental News
  • EarthFiles
    Headline news, environment and helpline
  • Earthhope Action Network
    A network of conservation groups dedicated to furthering online environment action and general public awareness of environmental issues
  • ECO
    newsletter of the Climate Action Network
  • Eco Region
    Newsletter of the Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation
  • ECOdigital
  • Ecoesfera
    Página do Jornal Público
  • ECONet: Environmental Issues Resource Center
    from the Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
  • EcoNews Africa
  • EcoNews Service - EcologyNews
    Alternative News: Ecology, Consciousness & Universe Politics
  • Economia Ambiental
  • EcoWeb LatinoAmérica
  • edie
    Edie is a free, personalised, interactive news, information and communications service for water, waste & environment professionals around the world. With comprehensive independent coverage, powerful search facilities, e-mail alerts and discussion forums, edie provides a one-stop-shop for the exchange of specialised information on the Web.
  • ENDS Environment Daily
    Reporting key developments in European environmental affairs for a global audience
  • Enviromental News Network
    A Internet site for daily environmental news and information. Each day a staff of journalists and scientists in association with bring you the hottest news and features stories from around the world. Everyone who visits ENN gets free access to the weekly feature stories, daily news headlines, calendar of events, marketplace and navigator.
    ENVIRO-NET provides news and information about the environmental industry, E-NET contains daily news updates, archives from the Florida Specifier and Georgia and Southeast Environmental News, and a host of additional resources for environmental professionals.
  • Environment Data News
    News from the journal Environmental Modelling & Software
  • Environmental Building News
    Environmental Building News is a periodical on environmentally sustainable design and construction.
  • Environmental Defense Fund's Chemical Scorecard
    Plug in your zip code, click, and presto--the Environmental Defense Fund's Chemical Scorecard reveals a localized street map of the worst polluters in your area, and even lets you send a free, personalized message directly to the source.
  • Environmental Research Foundation (Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly)
    "News and resources for environmental justice." Providing understandable scientific information about human health and the environment. Providing news and resources for environmental justice.
    Enviros, The Healthy Building Newsletter, is a monthly publication that is dedicated to providing information about the indoor environment.
  • European Environmental Education Newsletter
  • European Water Management News
    Free e-mail service with interesting water news from around the world
  • Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET)
    GNET is the gateway to constantly-updated information on innovative environmental technologies, business and news, with leads to marketing intelligence, financing and contracting opportunities.
  • Green Nature
    An interactive environment and nature news, information and photography destination
  • GreenTreks Network
    from Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania
  • National Environmental Wire for Students (NEWS)
    The National Environmental Wire for Students (NEWS) is dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of environmental news on college campuses. NEWS does this by providing story ideas to college journalists and by distributing environmental stories, opinion pieces, photos and cartoons to more than 1,000 college media outlets.
  • Planet Ark: Reuters Daily World Environment News
  • Pollution.com
    News from World News Network
  • Projecto "Jovens Repórteres para o Ambiente"
  • U.S. Water News Online
    U.S. Water News Online keeps its readers abreast of the latest news concerning water and water issues around the country. Coverage includes water supply, water quality, policy and legislation, litigation and water rights, conservation, climate, international water news, and more.
  • Underwater Times
    The daily journal of life in and around water. Updated daily with news of the oceans, animals and the interaction of life in and around water.
  • uneterre.net
    Informations, news, press releases, database, services about environmental organisations and compagnies (french language site).
  • Water Magazine
    articles, innovations, and policies for integrated management of water in cities
  • WN Environment
    News from World News Network
  • World Environment News
    Planet Ark's site hosts daily updated Reuters 'World Environment News' and Reuters 'World Environment News Pictures'. There is a 100 topic environment news search engine on this news site.
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